Company profile

The future requires visionary thinking.
Success requires trust.

Consistent management, a special drive and trust are key values

ImmoMa was founded in 1999 by Götz M. Fluck. At the beginning, the business was focused on real estate marketing in Berlin and Leipzig as well as the selling of residential properties to owner-occupiers and investors. Then our company transitioned into being a fund manager for investors from the family & friends sector. ImmoMa itself was and is indirectly or directly involved in many funds.

The key values of consistent management, trust and having a special drive have made ImmoMa a success story. Our expertise in the areas of intelligent investment as well as suitable portfolio and property strategies has been setting standards for real estate investments ever since. Since 2012, we have also been an asset manager, managing real estate holistically from strategic development and value-creating design to management and sales.

Our goals for the next ten years include expanding our staff to over 60 and a growth of 1 million m² of rental space as managed real estate in asset management. We are continuously increasing our portfolio, creating effective and long-term prospects for our products.

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