Courage to find new paths.
For over 20 years.

Every successful company has a past worth sharing.
The following overview will give you an insight into ImmoMa's innovative strength and performance.


Foundation and office opening

ImmoMa was founded in 1999 by Götz Fluck. His company moved into offices on Französische Straße in the heart of Berlin. Focus: Real estate marketing and the sale of residential properties to owner-occupiers and investors. The founder has been the driving force behind all company decisions right from the start.



From this point in time onwards, ImmoMa focuses on activities as an active investor and fund manager for investors from the family & friends sector. Investors are provided with comprehensive information, on questions such as:

  • Where is the best place to invest my money?
  • What is the right portfolio and property strategy?
  • Which investment horizon makes sense?

ImmoMa represents several companies in all aspects of fund management and is involved in funds itself.


Offices in Zimmerstraße

ImmoMa has been growing consistently and moves into new offices in Zimmerstraße. The company continues pursuing its aspirations just a few minutes' walk from Berlin’s famous Checkpoint Charlie.


Comprehensive development

ImmoMa also becomes active as an asset manager. Real estate is now managed holistically. One particular focus remains: turning neglected properties into successful investment properties.


New headquarters on Kurfürstendamm

At the heart of Berlin's lively City West, ImmoMa lays the foundations for its ambitious goals: A prestigious property owned by the company on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm becomes the headquarters.


New branch office in Gera

In order to efficiently and sustainably advance its activities in the Leipzig area, ImmoMa opens a branch office in Gera in 2019.


Name change

The "ImmoMa Gesellschaft für ImmobilienMarketing mbH" further defines its position and changes its name to "ImmoMa GmbH". After steady growth over the preceding years, the company presents itself with a modernized image. We have increased our efficiency and ensure full legal compliance through adapted organizational structures.