Bieblacher Hang

The investment property is located in the Bieblacher Hang district north of Gera's historic old town. The Bieblacher Hang was planned in 1957 as a residential development for Wismut miners and was the first industrially planned and built residential area in Thuringia (construction period: 1960 – 1985). It features large, open outdoor spaces and its characteristic design is unique in Thuringia. The whole site is protected in accordance with heritage building laws.

Erich-Mühsam-Str. 2-6; 8-12; 28-32; 34-38
W.-Majakowski-Str. 2-6; 8-12
Johannes-R.-Becher-Str. 27-31; 33-37; 34-38; 39-43; 40-44; 46-50; 52-56
Erich-Weinert-Str. 1; 2-6
Dr.-Theodor-Neubauer-Str. 2-6; 3a-d; 5-9; 8-12; 11-15; 17-21
Leonard-Frank-Weg 1; 3; 5; 7; 9; 1 1
N.-A.-Ostrowski-Str. 19/21
A.-S.-Makarenko-Str. 2a-d
Pasternakstr. 1-7; 9-13
Construction year
ongoing since 2019
Rentable area
4,624 m²
Investments to date
40,000,000 €
Core renovation

The Bieblacher Hang awakes from its slumber

ImmoMa is renovating approximately 800 apartments on the Bieblacher Hang over the period 2019-2025. There are already over 60 completely renovated apartments available for you and your family.

We offer you:

  • First occupancy after structural renovation
  • 1-5 room apartments between 30 and 120 m²
  • All apartments have a balcony
  • Some feature a guest toilet and storeroom
  • Basement available
  • Large open spaces
  • Shops and services are located in the area (schools, daycare centers, public transport, supermarkets)

Additional information:

Floor plans

There are many clever floor plans
for every need to discover on the Bieblacher Hang.

If you have any questions about the flats, we will take time for you.

Location and surroundings

  • Motorway connection A4 in 3 km distance
  • Social facilities, sports clubs, doctors' surgeries, schools and day-care centres are all within a radius of 2 km or 1-2 stops away by public transport.
  • Bus stops and trams are within a 5-10 min

If you have any questions, we will gladly take the time to advise you.

Our employees Ms Jobst and Ms Knauer are there for you.
Feel free to contact us directly via e-mail or phone.